Zombocalypse Cheats to Win the Game

If you want to unlock all interesting features early, you can try some cheats to enjoy a winning experience. Below is the list of Zombocalypse cheats that you are allowed to use:

  • Doom: The cheat code is to equip the MFG, but this cheat code can be used only once in each round.
  • Pantheon: If you want to fit the sword of God`s Hand, you can use this code. The powerful weapon can be activated only once per round.
  • I Am Legend: The cheat code helps you to start with 3,000 zombies under the buckle, but this will not help you to learn or gain any experience at the completion of the round.
  • Valkyrie: It is an excellent cheat code of Zombocalypse because, with its help, you can call a chopper.
  • Rambo: The cheat code will help you to get a mini gun that is useable in once in every round.
  • Adrenaline: This is a great cheat code for those without any prior experience of the use of cheat codes. This will help you to refill your health once in every round.
  • Super Saiyan: You are looking to get 3,000 experience points, don`t worry because this code is designed for Zombocalypse. You can use it once only while playing the game; therefore, choose this cheat code wisely.


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