Zombocalypse 2: Walkthrough

I love a good marathon survival game and Zombocalypse 2 does not disappoint. An arcade game elevated to completely new levels of amazing, Zombocalypse2 is one such game. With the help of your favorite character you have to get through the game world which has been invaded by zombies. As Flash games go, Zombocalypse 2 is fairly easy to understand, in this walkthrough I will focus on how to survive the zombie barrage because there is no need to focus on strategy or plot as much.

Work your character:

First off, there are three different areas which you will unlock along the way and each different area has one extra zombie type you have to deal with. These areas do not matter to your character from a survival perspective, you are moving ahead or going back using the "A" and "D" arrow keys, hence you need to mostly focus on using your space bar to shoot with your gun or hack with your trusty machete. I will also commend the graphics of this game because it enhances the player experience manifold and compensates for the restricted movement.


After your first death you'll realize just how difficult Zombocalypse 2 can actually be. Once you begin to cope with the hordes of zombies, you will also have a better appreciation for the weaponry, kill streak combos and perks. Zombocalypse 2 actually took some pages out of Call of Duty's book. You will notice that most weapons are similar to the AK-47, SMG, shotgun and minigun. When you rank up you'll unlock new weapons such as a sonic gun, Katanas, and a steampunk carbine (these are unique to zombocalypse 2). You can also pick up perks to give you slight boosts along the way as well as different killstreak combos. In the original you had three levels, but now those three levels have tons of choices to fit your playing style.

Tips and tricks

As I played the game I realized that it is imperative that you maintain a slight distance between yourself and the zombies, try your best to acquire the assault rifles as well as other weapons because a machete has serious limitations when it comes to obliterating zombie numbers. Keep an eye out for the medical supply as well because the game also makes you face certain unavoidable zombie hordes that injure you regardless of how well- equipped you may be. I also experienced better survival chances when I moved ahead and went back as part of my movement. This made me aware of the onslaught coming from my opposite side and having enough time to finish those zombies while also being able to tackle the zombie horde which was in front of me. This movement also ensures that I would be comfortably armed when I had to deal with the next battalion of zombies.

If you choose to cheat:

While I don't believe in underestimating fellow gamers I also understand the importance of a little help now and then. These cheats will help when the zombies doom you and leave you no way to escape or survive.

  • Doom: The cheat code is to equip the MFG.
  • I Am Legend: The cheat code helps you to start with 3,000 zombies less.
  • Rambo: This cheat code will help you get a mini gun.
  • Adrenaline: This is a great cheat code for those without any prior experience of the use of cheat codes. This will help you to refill your health once in every round.

Do not use these cheats in the beginning because you want to learn your way around the game, it is alright to die in the initial stages to hone your game skills. Work to build your experience because that will help you complete the game more than cheat codes. These cheats will help eventually when you are struggling to go to the next level. They also come into play when you are dealing with evolved zombies or certain hordes of zombies.

Zombocalypse 2 has a smooth and extensive gameplay. There will be no single moment in which you feel bored or uninterested. The pace of the game can also be overwhelmingly fast and relentless ensuring that you struggle to keep up.It is definitely one of the best arcade games on the internet.


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